The participation in the mobility project was intended, first of all, to give a fresh start to the renewal of the school and to commence a gateway to an international, Europe-wide cooperation with foreign colleagues and institutes with a similar way of thinking and interest. By leaving the usual and habitual surrounding, the Erasmus+KA1 mobility makes it possible not only to develop the individual competences but also, to set up an international strategic partnership in the long run. In this project four teachers of the school will take part in methodological courses. The participants believe in life-long learning, are open-minded and ready to share their experiences with their colleagues. 

The title of the project ’New dimensions in teaching’ has an internal and an external side. On the one hand, internally, it refers to professional development, the acquisition and the enhancement of professional competences of the individual teacher. On the other hand, externally, it means acquiring information about good practices of foreign countries and the development of social and intercultural competencies both on the individual and the institutional level. 

The short term goal of our school is individual methodological training and development of teachers that are in accordance with the institutional medium-term goals and needs. They include project-based education to become more general, wide use of technology in class, the spread of methods that aid differentiation and the practice of competence-based education and tutoring. It is important in the short, the medium and the long term as well that we face the challenges of the twenty-first century, use our students’ ICT-knowledge in a smart way and motivate them with up-to-date tools and methods.



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